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Inova Medical at CSIRO ON Demo Dy 2019. Ming Khoon Yew, Melanie White, Alex Hayes

Inova Medical Pty. Ltd. is an early stage medtech startup founded by three entrepreneurial friends. Highly experienced Consultant general surgeon Dr Ming Khoon Yew, innovative bioengineer Dr Alex Hayes, and research scientist and MBA Melanie White look for affordable and accessible healthcare solutions to real clinical needs.

This experienced team utilised Design Thinking and Stanford University’s Biodesign methodologies to identify an unmet medical need, and develop a novel solution that was perfectly tailored to address the problem. Theteams first solution, is a novel device to treat skin abscesses - The Abcease* Kit. In 2017, Inova Medical was formed to further de-risk the device, and pursue commercialisation. Abcease is currently patent pending, and protection will be pursued in multiple jurisdictions.


Alex, Ming and Melanie have collaborated broadly throughout the device development journey, engaging with the WA biodesign, medtech and innovation communities. Their networks span major universities, hospitals, and government research organisations.


Since their participation in the 2017 iteration of ON Prime, the team have secured ownership of their IP, filed PCT, incorporated Inova Medical, conducted additional prototype testing, and are preparing for regional patent protection and proof-of-concept trials.

In 2020, Inova Medical participated in the nationally competitive ON Accelerator5 program run by the CSIRO.


* Abcease is a portmanteau of abscess and cease.

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