A diverse range of skills and experiences


Chief Medical Officer

Associate Professor Dr Ming Khoon Yew is an experienced consultant general surgeon. He provides intimate knowledge of the problem and target markets.  His role includes R&D, prototyping and preclinical work. Leveraging his network of key opinion leaders and clinicians in the hospital ecosystem, Ming provides leadership and direction.


Chief Executive Officer

Melanie White has worked in research and research management at a Top 100 university, has science degrees and an MBA, as well as experience as a Director. Her skillset and experience position her strongly to lead scientific aspects of this project, as well as engage with industry and stakeholders. She is committed to the application of evidence based management, building sustainable relationships, and exceeding stakeholder expectations.


Chief Technology Officer

Dr Alex Hayes is the engineer responsible for product development and validation, as well as aiding in the regulatory requirements. Alex has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Biomechanical Engineering. He has extensive experience with medical device design, manufacture, procurement, and management through his employment the East Metropolitan Health Service.